Zobacz jak poradziliśmy sobie w poprzednich sezonach i koniecznie sprawdź nasze roboty

Sezon 2016

Nasz pierwszy sezon oraz pierwszy robot

Sezon 2017

Ten sezon przeniósł nas do epoki romantyzmu

Sezon 2018

W tym sezonie budowaliśmy nie tylko roboty

Sezon 2019

To była prawdziwa kosmiczna przygoda

O Spice Gears

Our Story

Our Programs

Our Successes

We are the first team in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, which participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We were created in 2015 as a result of almost two-year preparations in Kraśnik.

Robotics, unfortunately, is not well known in Poland or developed. Thanks to our classes for children, organized tournaments and events in which we participate we try to change it.

Although we are a fairly young team, we have many successes that many elderly teams can not boast of. See how much we have achieved in such a short time.

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