Information about the team

We are the first and still only team in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, that participates in the First Robotics Competition. We were established in 2015 as a result of nearly two-year effort in Krasnik. Accountable for the creation of the team at that place is former resident of the city, Richard Kusmierczyk, who now lives in Windsor. At this moment, he is volunteer and he is our representative in the international arena.

When we started our adventure with a tournament organized by the FIRST, not many people knew something about it. However, group of 17 people has taken to work on creating a robot from the basics and practically have no experience. Despite the difficulties we were looking for sponsors without which our project would not be realized. One of the major barriers there was a place where the competitions held up – Canada. Travel from Poland is very long and expensive, but we managed to organize it. The language barrier only motivated us to work harder.

At this season, the number of people who interested in our project greatly increased. Now the team consists of 36 people. It is the members who have already worked in the previous season, and the new people who are just learning and want to develop their interest about robotics.

During the start of the competition organized by FIRST we want to show our skills in a positive light, and of course, learn something new. Like every team we strive for success. We want to prove that our work was not in vain and is worth the highest awards.