We are the first team in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, which participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We were created in 2015 as a result of almost two-year preparations in Kraśnik. The initiator of the creation of the team in this place is the former resident of the city, Ryszard Kuśmierczyk,presently staying in Windsor.
When we started our adventure with the tournament organized by FIRST,few people knew anything about it. However, a group of 17 people undertook to work on creating a robot from scratch and, in fact, without experience. Despite the difficulties, we were looking for sponsors, without which our project would not have been implemented. One of the main obstacles was the place where the competition took place – Canada. The journey from Poland is very long and expensive, but we managed to organize it. The language barrier only motivated us to work harder.
Every new person who come to us dosen’t need to know anything. The only requirements are commitment, dedication, willingness and above all a sense of humor. New members quickly air-conditioned in our team. We divide into various groups in which the leaders keep the charges under their wings supporting them in various activities.
Programers – is an unusual group of people who write programs to the robot, stimulating it to act. They show that programming is their real passion.
Mechanics ​- that’s them spen whole day looking after the construction and design of robots in the CAD program. Their designs are not always perfect but they do their job.
Social Media – they are responsible for representing the team among the community. In addition, they care about contact with sponsors and much more.
Mentors – thanks to these people our team could have been created. It was they who were at its beginning and created everything related to it.
Get to know us better!
We are building robots at the FRC level, what is it? and what is the level?

Levels of competitions

The first level is FLL Jr. FIRST LEGO League Junior in which children in aged 6 to 10 learn to build robots from Lego
Second level is FLL or FIRST LEGO League here children from 8 to 16 years not only build but learn to program them already.
The third level is FRC FIRST Tech Challenge already with special sets and much more complicated electronics, youth aged 14 to 18 struggles with every year’s challenges in building robots
The last and most difficult level in which our team is involved is FRC FIRST Robotics Competition here in addition to the kit with parts which we will get, we can use virtually any part in any quantity only so that the budget of these parts does not exceed 3000 $.