Destination: Deep space This time we went on a long journey into space. The journey was fast as a rocket that our robot had to complete.

This season, the robots had to collect loads, ie huge balls and blanks to prevent the cargo from escaping, then the robots had to revive these elements to the cargo ship and the rocket.

The most this year surprised us the lack of the requirement for automation, but during the first 15 seconds of the so-called sandstorm drivers had a covered view of the arena. During this they had to use automatic or webcam in the robot.

2019 was a very difficult season for us. Our parts from America came only in the fifth week of construction. 3 times we had problems due to a power outage and we had to work in the dark. Apart from all the problems, we managed to build a robot that we are very proud of. we took part in Istambul and Bosphourous Regional in Turkey. At each of the tournament we won the first places, in addition to the second tournament we did not lose a single match. After successful tournaments we set off for the world championship to Detroit.

We recommend seeing the minute 2.10

During your competition, we even managed to bend gravit

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