This season, the theme of the competition was video games. Two teams have been trapped in the game to escape from it and have to defeat the main boss. To achieve this, robots were tasked to collect power cubes, cubes of size 28cm x 33cm x 33cm and put them on the scale and switch or two different sizes of slipways in the arena. You could also tell the human Player to give it back to the robot or put it in a rectangular cabinet, otherwise known as a safe. Finally, in order to finally be able to defeat the boss, the robots had to pull up to a height of at least 30 cm.

Despite the fact that we were a fairly young team we managed great with this difficult task and our robot was able to do any action.

We took part in 4 tournaments: Shenzhen and Shanghai Regionalas, Detroit Championship and China Robotics Challenge. Predator was our best robot at the FRC tournament. this season taught us to choose simple solutions that was the real key to the key to success.

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