FRC 2016 – Ryszard I

We were created in 2015 as a result of almost two-year preparations in Kraśnik. The initiator of the creation of the team in this place is the former resident of the city, Ryszard Kuśmierczyk, currently staying in Windsor. Without any experience, we started to build a robot for FIRST Stronghold matches.

When we started our adventure with the tournament organized by FIRST, few people knew anything about it. However, a group of 17 people undertook to work on creating a robot from scratch and, in fact, without experience. Despite the difficulties, we were looking for sponsors, without which our project would not have been implemented.

The 2016 competition was an example of unusual and innovative competition that changes every year. For many considered one of the best games. The robots had to overcome various obstacles that imitated the medieval castle, such as cat’s heads, beams, doors, gates or crossbars hung at 40 cm – our robot had to have enough height to fit under it. The robots also had to shoot balls into the hole in the tower located at a height of 2.5 m.

Many judges were surprised by our professionalism in running the team as well as the construction of the robot itself. Thanks to that, as the first (and only) team in history, we were awarded the prestigious Judge’s Award.